Acrylic and mixed media including rice paper and string.  28cm x 30 cm Collage prints and own marks on rice paper and book papers.   Acrylic on birch plywood board, framed in Tasmanian Oak, under glass

AVAILABLE please contact me to view

Artist Statement

A good part of my year is spent being a Blue Nomad sailing up and down the Queensland water exploring islands and uninhabited places along the coast in our sailing boat “Island Girl”.    I take loads of photographs and film of the water and am happy just sitting for hours watching it and thinking.   I don’t paint from those photos, I usually use just memory and start painting playful shapes and random things that evoke the feeling of a place.   This one I started while camping at Jack’s place in the Daintree after the mangrove walk.

Blue Nomad concept and artworks by Karen Rogers Noosa 2021

exploring the human love of being next to the sea.