Rockpool; Shallows; Tidelines

3 paintings 30 cm square Acrylic on birch-ply wood panel finished with cold wax medium, framed; glass and Tasmanian oa.  Offered individually or in series.


Artworks especially created for the Tin Can Bay Art Show by Karen Rogers (KaRo) July 2021.

Artist Statement

Limited palette of Indian yellow and ultramarine blue in a variety of tints and tones.   White and black twisting like mariner’s lines lead the eye around the painting which are simple and evocative.     Gestural marks, lines and and symbols add interest to the smallest spaces.  The  simplicity of all the greens and blues is almost childlike and intentionally nostalgic, inviting the viewer to remember holidays past.   perhaps…

Rockpool 30cm x 30cm Acrylic on wooden panel SOLD

Tin Can Bay is a great place to paint with no distractions; its marina and fishing fleet are central to the village and the few streets of old houses and fishing shacks are surrounded by nature and water.

A favourite anchorage of the cruising yachts  is South White Cliffs inside K’Gari (Fraser Island) on the still waters of the Great Sandy Straits.    With brilliant white sands; mangroves and tea-trees on the shoreline Its easy to find inspiration here.  Sandbanks reveal at low tide stranding nature’s debris; mangrove roots poke through muddy tidal flats.  At Garry’s; deep green rock pools; overhanging branches of ghost gum make a good sport for White Sea eagles.

The tide is relentless; it conceals and reveals the minutae of life in the rockpools, shallows and tidelines.

Tidelines; 30 cm x 30cm Acrylic on wooden panel SOLD